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Writing and Books

Go Hand in Hand

Krystle Yanagihara - A Reviewer of Books
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I've joined the current trend of making a journal to record my road to publication, or if not that, my writing progress. In the future I'm hoping that I'll be able to snag an agent and eventually get published, I already have quite a few plot ideas in mind. If only I had the time to write them!

In the meantime, I'll also post reviews for the books I've read. I really enjoy fantasy books, and it's probably the bulk of what I read, and is what most of my stories revolve around as well. But I also don't mind science fiction here and there, and some of your regular stuff. I love Young Adult books, and occasionally dabble in the children's section as well. What I don't read, though, is chicklit, non-fiction, westerns, erotica, and I'm not too big on mysteries. I recently acquired a nook so eBooks are totally okay with me, and I'm definitely a no on self-published books. If it's got an interesting enough premise maybe I'll try it.

I'm also open to reviewing books for you. Just be warned that I'm not going to sugarcoat things and tend to speak my mind quite bluntly, and if I don't like your book, I can be quite brutal. So if that's not for you, then I would advise not having your book reviewed by me. I try my best to post up the good and bad aspects of a book to keep it balanced. Just remember that these reviews are only my opinions that I want to express because I love to talk about books. If you get a negative review please try to remember that. I'll try to be prompt and have them up and posted as soon as possible but if there's a date you'd like it by, I'm also flexible. I rate your books based on letter grades. If interested just send me an e-mail. Also, my reviews will eventually be cross-posted to Goodreads. I'm very shy and absolutely hate asking people for handouts so you'd probably have to contact me first.

I would definitely be willing to hold contests and author interviews, or whatever sorts of fun things that readers will like!

If interested, my e-mail is: greenteaonlyplease@gmail.com

Well, that's about it for me! If I find something interesting later that I forgot to add, I'll put it in here.

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